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Adventures of Frank Merriwell

The Adventures of Frank Merriwell was a juvenile adventure first broadcast from March to June in 1934. Frank Merriwell was the fictional creation of Gilbert Patten, who wrote under the pseudonym Burt L. Standish. Donald Briggs played Frank Merriwell, a star athlete at Yale University at the turn of the century. After a 12-year gap, the series was revived in 1946 as a 30-minute NBC Saturday morning show, continuing until June 4, 1949. Lawson Zerbe took over the lead role Merriwell. Frank Merriwell became a model for subsequent American juvenile sports fiction.

Frank Merriwell excels at football, baseball, basketball, crew, and track at Yale University. The plots follow Frank's campus life as he takes to solve mysteries and rights wrongs.

Each show opens with a memorable, nostalgic signature, "There it is, an echo of the past - an exciting past, a romantic past - the era of the horse and carriage, gas-lit streets and free-for-all football games: the era of one of the most beloved characters in American fiction, Frank Merriwell."

There are 36 shows in our collection! Date Aired
The Clue of the Numbers October 19, 1946
The Riddle of the Wrong Answers October 5, 1946
The Big Top Adventure March 15, 1947
The Unwelcome Rescue July 3, 1948
Ballot Box Mystery May 15, 1948
Mystery of the Iron Door May 22, 1948
The Quarantine December 18, 1948
The Bench Warmer December 11, 1948
The Duplicate Dean December 4, 1948
The Surprise Play November 27, 1948
The Senior Dinner November 20, 1948
The Front Page Story November 13, 1948
The Doubtful Alibi November 6, 1948
Mystery of the Missing Records October 23, 1948
The Yale Bulldog October 9, 1948
The Ransomed Football October 2, 1948
The Professors Decision July 25, 1948
The Live Ghost July 11, 1948
Magic Lantern Mystery July 4, 1948
The Secret of the Old Mill July 31, 1948
Sold at Auction July 24, 1948
The Unreasonable Aunt June 26, 1948
The Thunderstorm Mystery June 19, 1948
Tap Day June 12, 1948
The Stolen Masterpiece June 5, 1948

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